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Recognizing Leaders of the Digital Revolution

We want to recognize all those disruptors that lead digital & cognitive change to create a way forward into a sustainable future.


Are you a Digital Disruptor?

This global award aims to recognize those individuals that stand out and go the extra mile in order to guarantee their companies stay at the frontline of the digital revolution

They drive change within their organizations, motivating their peers to reinvent themselves, encouraging a culture of innovation and challenging the status quo. 

We want to give visibility to those who seek to make an impact, and serve as role models for those eager to lead change.

The awards are open to candidates from all over the world. If you are a Digital Disruptor, apply now!

Are you a Digital Disruptor?


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Organizations of the future seek to make an meaningful impact in every dimension. We will recognize the disruptors in the following categories.

Transformation Catalyst

Carries out a business transformation that impacts every aspect of the organization. 

Culture & Agility Igniter

Understands the power of a high performing culture and works to keep it in constant evolution.

Sustainable Business Strategist

Thrives in new and unexplored areas, taking over the innovation game using technology to achieve a sustainable future.

High Tech Trendsetter

Gives everything a new approach, augmenting a company's capabilities with AI, data & technology.

Engaging Experiences Master

Succeeds in bringing the user to the center and crafting a holistic experience empowered by technology.

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Judging panel

The rest of our prestigious panel will be announced soon


Are you a Digital Disruptor?