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Terms and Conditions

1. Description:

This contest, called "Globant Awards - Digital Disruptors 2021" (the "Contest"), is organized by Sistemas Globales S.A. ("Globant").

Globant will hold this Contest to acknowledge and give visibility to the Digital Disruptors. The Contest is open to all, but the selection of winners in each category will be determined by Region: Latam, Brazil, North America and Emea & Asia.

The Contest will be valid from April 12, 2021 until May 17th 2021 and will be governed by the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions (the "Terms"). The winners will be announced in a virtual event on June 24th

The call for the Contest is aimed at five categories: (i) Transformation Catalyst, (ii) Culture and Agility Igniter (iii) Sustainable Business Strategist, (IV) High Tech Trendsetter (V) Engaging Experiences Master.

A Regional Selection Panel will select one winner from each category for each of the 4 regions defined.

The winners from each region, will be picked by a panel of 6 jurors chosen by Globant. The selection criteria for the winners will be determined in accordance with the standards defined by Globant in these Terms.

2. Profile of the Participants and Award Categories:

In order to participate in the Contest, each Candidate must meet the following requirements:

Complete the application process, providing all the information required, and presenting the initiative that can show the innovation and impact.

The initiative must have been launched on or after Jan 1st 2019 and before Dec 1st 2020.

3. Selection of finalists and election of the winner:


  • Submit your nomination before May 17 th, briefly outlining a digital transformation initiative, choosing the different areas where your initiative has more impact.
  • The Globant team will assign a category.
  • The top five scoring nominees in each of the categories will be shortlisted as finalists.
  • Finalists will then be encouraged to share a short video, this will be optional but encouraged by Globant to be shared during the Selection Panel deliberations.
  • Each Regional Selection Panel will choose winners per category from among the finalists in accordance with the criteria provided for in section 8 of these Terms. The panel will be conformed by regional experts and Globant Top Management. Each Region will have 6-8 panelists.
  • Winners will be announced during the Digital Disruption Event on June 24th.


Judging process

There will be two judges per category, who will judge the case studies on a combination of:


  • The degree of innovation shown.
  • Proven impact on 3 indicators: People, Planet and Prosperity.


People: Show concrete details that support a tangible impact on culture, organizational structure, ways of working, employee wellbeing, transparency, and so on.

Planet: Show concrete metrics that support the impact on the natural environment and sustainability. For instance, percentage of reduction/elimination of the company's ecological footprint.

Prosperity: Show concrete metrics that support the impact on profit and prosperity that empowers the local, national and international community. For instance, percentage of revenue increase, amount of employment created, or any other economic impact.

The participation of the Selection panel will be on an ad honorem basis. The final decisions adopted by all panelists shall not be subject to an appeal.

The Finals by region (Phase III) will be notarized.

4. Phases of the Contest:

The Contest will consist of three (3) Phases:

-Phase I - Registration
-Phase II - Preliminary selection/ Shortlist
-Phase III - Finals by region

5. The Contest Application Process:

The Contest application process requires only the submission of the online form on the website, fully completed. By entering the Contest, the Candidates undertake to answer any inquiries that may be made by the Selection Committee Lack of response by a Candidate within the specified time frame will immediately result in the disqualification of such Candidate from the Contest.

The Contest application period will be from April 12th, 2021, to May 17th, 2021 (such date included). No applications to the Contest will be admitted once this period has elapsed.

6. Selection criteria and evaluation of applications:

Each Region's Selection Panel will evaluate the Candidates in accordance with the following criteria:

- Meeting the admission requirements
- Grade of general disruption/innovation of the submitted initiative
- Ability to make an impact
- General quality and clarity of the submitted material.

When unforeseen circumstances so warrant, Globant may cancel, suspend or modify these Terms, communicating by the same means by which they were disclosed. Any matter not covered by these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by Globant, without prejudice to the rights of the Candidates by law and without granting any rights to any Candidates or finalists.

8. Requests for additional information and assets:

During Phase II, the Selection Committee will request an optional testimonial video from the finalist regarding their candidacy. This will be a short video explaining the initiative. Videos will be given to the regional selection panel as additional information from the candidates.

9. Participation in events:

Participation in this Contest entails, in addition, the winners' consent to a live stream organized by Globant on June 24th to announce the winners of the four regions in each category.

10. Ownership of data, confidentiality of information and data:

The copyrights of the videos, developments and other intellectual property related to this Contest will be deemed the property of their respective authors. Notwithstanding the foregoing, by entering the Contest, the participants authorize Globant to use, when they deem it appropriate, the videos mentioned in this paragraph that belong to the participants in whole or in part, for the purposes of advertising the Contest in any media outlet throughout the country.

The information of the Candidates, finalists and winners by country and/or region, and Global Winners will be treated in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. The owner of the personal data is entitled to exercise the right of access to such data free of charge at intervals of no less than six (6) months unless the existence of a legitimate interest to that effect is proven. By entering the Contest and providing Globant with their Personal Data, the Candidates expressly consent to that data being used by Globant with relation to this Contest. The Candidates' data may be shared with partner organizations for the sole purpose of incorporating such data to their dataBases in order to potentially offer Candidates job opportunities. Furthermore, the Candidates' understand that their personal data may be transferred to entities of the Globant Group (or their partners) abroad and consent such international data transfer. The owner of the data may request that their name be withdrawn or blocked from the database via email at

11. Communication and dissemination:

All the information about the Contest, as well as the Terms and the application form, can be found at

All dissemination efforts regarding this Contest and its development will be made through Globant's communication channels and those of the Contest's sponsors, partners and collaborators.

12. Knowledge of the Terms:

Sending the application form implies acceptance of these Terms. No claims based on ignorance of the Terms will be admitted from any candidate. The Terms are the only rules applicable to the Contest and will be deemed known by all Candidates.

13. Amendments:

Globant may amend, at any time and without prior notice, any of the provisions of these Terms, which amendment shall be notified to the Candidates by means of the publication of the new Terms on the website

14. Liability and compensation:

Under no circumstances shall the Candidates have the right to claim compensation of any kind and/or reimbursement of expenses made for the purpose of their participation in the Contest.

15. Acts of God or force majeure:

Should it be justified, Globant may temporarily suspend the Contest or cancel it altogether due to circumstances not attributable to Globant and not provided for by these Terms, or which constitute an Act of God or an event of force majeure. Such suspension or cancellation will be notified to the parties through its publication on the website

In addition, and notwithstanding the foregoing, Globant reserves the right to declare the Competition void at any time, not being bound to give explanations or express reasons.

16. Interpretation of the Terms:

In the event of any discrepancy between the content of the Terms and the content of graphic and/or media advertising, the content of the Terms shall prevail. Participation in the Contest entails acceptance of the decisions that Globant shall make regarding any matter not provided for in these Terms and any interpretation that Globant may make of such Terms, which will be definite and unquestionable.

In the event of breach of these Terms by a Candidate, Globant may, upon notice by any written verifiable means, disqualify her from the Contest. In any such event, the Candidate must return any award she may have received in the context of this Contest to Globant.

For any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions, any applicant may contact

17. Free of charge participation:

Participation in this Contest is completely free of charge.

18. Costs, taxes, expenses:

All costs resulting from obtaining or using the awards, as well as any tax, fee, contribution, rate or amount of money that must be paid or may potentially have to be paid regarding the awards, and all expenses which the Candidate must incur as a consequence of obtaining and being granted the award by country and/or region and the global award, including, but not limited to, all travel and accommodation expenses which she may incur for obtaining, being granted, or giving effect to such award, will be borne exclusively by the Candidate.

19. Jurisdiction and applicable law:

The Candidates and Globant agree to submit any dispute arising from the Contest to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the City of Buenos Aires. Argentine law shall be applicable to such dispute.